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03-21-2013, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by dnicks17 View Post
You conveniently left out Potter and Fistric in your "assessment".

According to your conclusion, Fistric is far and away our best defenseman and Potter is better than Smid.
Sorry neither have played >20 games (enough sample size). I'll add them:

Potter 0.935
Fistric 0.966

Both of these guys have higher on-ice SAVE% but much lower QualCOMP compared to Smid/Petry.

A sign of a team using it's defensemen "properly" is all the defensemen have equal on-ice SV%, with differing QualCOMP's based on their skill level.

Potter/Fistric have Smid/Petry/Whitney-level on-iceSV% because they're being used appropriately as bottom-pairing defensemen with lower level of competition.

The Schultzes have seen similar QualCOMP to Fistric, and have done much poorer. Fistric playing LD is actually a much safer bet in the defensive zone than J/N. Schultz - I'll be the first to admit that.

Potter's QualCOMP is the easiest on the team - but this is a #7 defenseman we're talking about so I'm not going to bring him up in this comparison. He's nowhere in the class of defensemen of the guys listed above.

But if Whitney/N.Schultz/Fistric are placed on the right side in Potter's spot, my bet is that their performance is even worse than his.

EDIT: Actually Ryan Whitney has played some Potter-level QualCOMP as well this season. Nick/Justin have seen a Fistric-level of QualCOMP and are struggling compred to him.
Whitney/Potter are being sheltered ridonkulously whenever on the ice at ES.

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