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03-21-2013, 03:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky_83 View Post
Right now Justin Schultz is a Joe Corvo-level player (circa last year). Below average even-strength that is passable in a bottom pairing role as long as he's getting top-level PP minutes to produce like he does. Obviously he's much better in that PP role than Corvo is, but the even-strength use is the same.

Both of them struggle with GA/60 whenever given an anything more than a bottom-pairing role, and struggle to produce GF/60 irregardless of their super-human PP production.

As Schultz develops, I hope to see him develop an ES point production ability with a passable top-4 defensive ability. Basically a useful 2nd pairing defenseman. If things pan out he could become a Tomas Kaberle for us. A useful piece on a team as long as it's being used properly (#1 PP, 2nd pairing ES minutes, minimal PK)

In terms of overall on-ice performance at age 22, he's playing similar to a 23-year old Petry for us in terms of ES play. Obviously his PP production is another tier, but Petry provides a good model for what we can expect Schultz to become as an ES player in the next few years. Great in a 2nd pairing role, perhaps passable in a top-pairing role if given the right partner.

Pretty sweet pick-up for a free-agent.
... Hes never played more then 40 games a season in his career. Add in all the travel and adjusting to playing in 2 leagues that he's never played in before in his rookie season? He's gonna be alooooooooot better then Petry.

This is the second time in under a week that this long nosed coach has lost us the game. Stop shortening your bench you idiot! It doesn't work! He plays to get to the shootout, yet we suck dick in the shootout. I said this before, we will never go anywhere with this coach. I would rather have a 14 year old girl coach this team.

And as for Ryan Smyth... #YOLO

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