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Originally Posted by Cory Trevor View Post
So what you are really saying is given the current conditions, Pens are considering Bennett a roster player and have taken him off the table? Sounds like a good way to skirt the issue. However I'll play along even though we've avoided the point.

I'd have to think as a Flames fan that he would be consider him one of the key parts of a deal. We all don't want to give up our best prospect. Bennett I think most consider still a prospect. Van doesn't want to give up Kassian and Boston doesn't want to give up Spooner or Khohklachev.

From the B's, anyone of our prospects is available as part of the deal and before anyone wants to make a stipulation about it, no Dougie is not a prospect. He's played every game for the Bruins thus far while being a top four DMan and playing consistently on the PP.
Um? Bennett has played 16/31 games this year, and that's only because:

1. He had a minor tweak injury in the A
2. The Pens were experimenting with every option they had before bringing him up since they didn't want to rush him (Tangradi, Jeffrey, Boychuk, etc.)

Bennett has played like a top-6 winger in all 3 zones of the ice and sees consistent PP time on the 2nd unit. So using your DH criteria; Bennett can be viewed as no longer a prospect by Pens fans.

He's not on the table. Period.

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