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03-21-2013, 03:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky_83 View Post
So he's responsible when Fistric kicks it into his own net? And when Petrell deflects it into his own net? Did you watch the game?
Yes we watched the game. And yes Dubnyk is responsible to some degree no matter how the puck goes in the net. Everyone else on the ice has multiple tasks to attend to ... Dubnyk has only one.

I'll suggest that the first Sharks goal was not Dubnyk's fault, but the second (he had a chance to smother the puck and failed, never recovered his position) and third (terrible short side goal that just should never beat an NHL netminder) were mostly his fault. And that doesn't even allow for the way he gets beat like a rented mule in shootouts. Boyle must have laughed all the way to the airport.

Dubnyk (career) 24 goals on 65 shots.
Niemi (career) 29 goals on 119 shots.

I will say that is so sickening to watch the Oiler defencemen down on their knees in the crease or just outside the crease trying to block shots and/or smother loose pucks. Its like these guys forgot why the game is played with sticks. Smid in particular is getting worse and worse for doing this and Fistric likely caused the first goal by scrabbling around on the ice like an idiot, and totally blocking Dubnyk's view of the play, instead of staying on his feet and taking a man.

Seriously .... go watch the reply of the third goal. Every Oiler on the ice was disgusted when that went in. Not sure which is more embarrassing, having a starter who routinely lets in stuff like that, or having fans who routinely make excuses for the guy who keeps letting in shots like that.

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