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03-21-2013, 04:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Phil Parent View Post
In response to Mathias Brunet's article today that says Kristo could Schultz on us...

The loophole only applies to players drafted out of juniors opting out of school in the fourth summer after their draft year (after their third year in college).

Kristo is completing his fourth year, and this coming summer is the fifth since his draft. The window to use the loophole has closed. He is Habs property in the NHL and only eligible to an ELC contract. At best, he could be an RFA, play in the KHL for a while and become a defected RFA years down the line. But why would he do that?

Mac Bennett, however, is another story. The fourth summer following his draft is this summer, if he doesn't sign with us AND opts out of school, he's UFA.
What I read was that he said he'll sign a pro contract, whether it is with the Habs or another team. Because I believe if we don't sign him before June 15th, we lose his rights. Has nothing to do with the loophole

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