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03-21-2013, 04:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
ftr Krueger in every media outlet in the city is loudly denying ANY mention or suggestion that the players should sit back. He wants them to attack. To continue to aggressively push the game.

But young players panic, start getting nervous, and stop moving their feet. What I notice a lot in the 3rd periods is a lot of players guilty of watching the play and freezing. So in puck battles that we win in first two periods we lose in 3rd as young players tend to get mesmerized with game on the line pressure.

With RNH out, and Hall looking white as a ghost there wasn't much hope in keeping all lines humming tonight.

Hall looked just ill by the second and third periods. Quite a trooper but probably shouldn't have played.
A damn shame that RNH sat out with "the sniffles" eh? These kids all want to turn their fortunes around and I simply don't buy that RNH would've been anything less than sick as hell to sit this one out. Had RNH played IMO we would've won this game, that 4 minute PP wouldn't have gone by as uneventful as it did with a fresh RNH and Gagner out there. Nice shot by Gagner on the goal and the one where he caught iron. I had hoped that he'd pass it to Paajarvi for the onetimer, but he just missed that one and had the goalie beat so it's hard to fault him on that one.

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