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03-21-2013, 05:42 AM
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Voyager has left the building...

...ok maybe the solar systems. If true that's pretty cool that it has reached that far out. Also interesting that they can make a devise that has been running for 35 years now, hurtling in space and is still working yet most consumer electronics die within a few years it seems...

Scientific confusion was the order of the day on Wednesday following a report that suggested a 35-year-old space probe had become the first human-made object to make it beyond our solar system.

New Mexico State University astronomer W.R. Webber reported in a paper published online by the American Geophysical Union that the spacecraft had made it beyond the influence of the sun because Voyager 1 had measured a drastic change in radiation levels last Aug. 25.

But no sooner had that report appeared than NASA said it begged to differ with any interpretation that suggested that its spacecraft had definitely left the solar system.

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