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03-21-2013, 06:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Absolutely. Theres simply no way the club goes on a run with Dubnyk blowing a goal or more every game. Right now he's really starting to remind me of Conklin. So bad that the club has to outchance the opposition badly to have a chance. What a joke tonight that SJ was even in the game. Dubnyk kept keeping them in it.

Worst thing about this is you know that Tambofool just has to see Dubnyk start every night because he's the GM's latest pet project #1, after Khabi.

Dubs could be indescribably bad (oh wait he is) and he'd still be considered the go to guy.

Managerial pride is standing in the way of correct decisions. Khabi is the better goalie, but Dubs is in net because of the recent contract. Management can't be wrong again, can they..?
worse than Tambo's pride is his endless evaluating. i guarentee we will be hearing about how they are 'evaluating' the goaltending next fall and Dubnyk will be the starter.

and i also guarentee he will be trotting up to the podium at the Draft to pick another 18 year old, then he'll tell us how he was very aggressive in trying to trade the pick, but the deal just wasn't there. We will hear much the same at the trade deadline. little or no change, no results and a bunch of excuses.

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