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03-21-2013, 06:49 AM
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Originally Posted by magix View Post
I see him lining up as a second line winger when this team (if ever) competes for the cup. Until then, I ll view him as second liner being asked to produce like a 1st. Unless we have a long jam in the top 6, I dont see the point in letting him go especially when his value is low.

I'm not too worried about the knee issues.
lol if we have 2 wingers better than Michalek, might as well give us the Cup given our strength all over the line-up. For example, in a healthy season and with a decent line-up around him (team sucked in 2010-11) Michalek scored 35 goals and added 25 assists. Tied with Corey Perry (guy who just signed for 8 millions per yer) and outscoring Rick Nash, Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf. Funny thing is all played more games.

Imagine :




Our defense/goaltending/depth is already elite (when healthy), that would be unfair if our top-6 was Elite as well. But not saying I'm against it lol. Just saying it's unlikely to have everything in life

Hopefully, some of Zibanejad, Silfverberg, Puempel, Noesen, Stone, Petersson, Prince and Petersson develop as star scoring wingers. Or we're able to grab a star somewhere else.

Originally Posted by Kickabrat View Post
MM9 Career stats (excluding this year and his first year 2 gp):

7 seasons
GP 524 (avg 75 GP season) yep real injury prone is this guy.

G 165 (avg 24 goal per year)

A 175 (avg 25 assists per year)

Someone explain what is the problem they have with Michalek again?
Well, nothing that they really understand. I have posted things like this on this board so many times already and did it ever change opinions? Sometimes I doubt

Conclusion : people form their opinions on intangible things, they judge quickly but do they look at the whole picture before forming an opinion? Not really...

Originally Posted by mcnorth View Post
Um, he missed three whole seasons because of his knee injuries? People are worried his knees will cause him to miss more time or impact the level of his play? Your stats are awesome, except they ignore the entire seasons he's missed with knee injuries...

He played two games, then blew out his knee and missed the season. You have to count that. 2003.

Missed the entire 2004-05 season (lockout) due to knee injury. Just got 'lucky' it was a lockout year.

And then this year.

That's three full seasons. I don't understand your point in excluding this year and his rookie year. Why don't they count?
Point is he didn't miss any significant time in the last 8 years, until this season where he'll miss only 33 games (if he doesn't come back until the end of the regular calendar)

Lockout years suck.

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