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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
Yeah if you want to wimp out then you can pay the part store $50 to install the motherboard, CPU, and power supply to the case. That's the most work intensive part of it, leaving you to plug in the ram, hard drives, video + any other cards you buy.

Though really you should be able to do it all yourself, they've come along way to making things more user friendly. SATA is all plug and play so no figuring out the hard drive master/slave primary/secondary jumper cables. The sliding trays for the hard drives make them much easier to deal with as well. Motherboard power supplies used to come in half a dozen small single or double pin connectors where you have to consult the manual to figure out what goes where and hope you get it right... the first PC I actually built from scratch I think I gimped the bios because I plugged a 5v power supply into it by mistake! But now those connectors are all grouped together so it's just a quick single plugin.

So nowadays it really isn't that hard. And as for longevity just 3 months ago I finally replaced the last component of my very first own PC back in 99, the computer speakers. Not sure how long they're supposed to last but those old Altec Lansing speakers performed like champs until the master connection to the sub woofer started going requiring me to give it kicks to get the sound back up.

I still use my Altec Lansing 3 speaker setup from about 2001.

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