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Originally Posted by enarwpg View Post
...and in other news...

George Fallar writes an interesting ??? piece stating (amongst other things)...

😳 *"...*One thing is for certain, though, there ARE multiple legitimate groups very interested in pursuing both owning the Coyotes and keeping them in Glendale. There remains an obvious alternative, US Airways Center, for keeping the Coyotes in Arizona should Glendale continue to fiddle about. ..." R I G H T .... But not a $320 million dollar gifted fund to buy and operate the team in that arena. But then maybe Glendale can work out a deal whereby ST holders park in the Westgate parking lot ($ amount TBD), eat at one of the many restaurants, get bused to downtown Phoenix for the game, then get bussed back to Westgate to party afterwards, then drive home.*

😳 *"...*It’s a fact that there are buyers very interested in the Coyotes in Arizona and the groups have significant funds. ..." Significant funds they wish to hold on to, not lose over the next 5-10 years. What is this guy smoking?

Source: *
Fallar writes to give the impression that he is providing an objective analysis, and then he makes the following statement:

Obviously the lockout and several referendum and initiative attempts cost Mr. Jamison some investors and probably the goodwill of others yet we assume he is making good progress toward his goal.
George, that was Glendale's mistake - assuming that Jamison was making good progress. How will things improve with nothing concrete on the table in terms of a massive AMF subsidy, which had piqued his interest before?

I liked this reference:

The Ice Edge people are interested as well and were spotted at a recent game in Glendale. Since then, however, former and probably current Ice Edge participant Daryl Jones removed the “almost owner of the Phoenix Coyotes” text from his Twitter page.
Why even mention the Ice Edge guys? Their 15 minutes expired long ago.

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