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Lived all my youth in Québec City and was a Nordiques fans until they died in 1995. Was crush when they moved so took half a year break from hockey.

Then the Patrick Roy incident happened when he asked to be traded. They got former young Nords player for him, so i got interested by the Habs. Then after a couple of year of watching more and more of the Habs games, i decided to become a fan, cause they were the only team left in Québec. I was always an Expos Fans, so if i could root for the Montréal baseball team, why would i not root for the Montréal hockey team? And its always better following a sports when you have a favorite team. Ever since i have been a Habs fan.

Do i hope for a return of my first love the Nords? Yes of course. Would i get back to root for them? Yes of course. But i abandonned the Habs? No way Jose. I have decided that i will be a fan of both teams.

I know i get flak from Nords fans for being a traitor cause i take for the Habs. And i get flak from Habs fans cause they think i must hate the Habs if i root for a return of the Nords. I dont care. I am a true Habs fans, that is in a foul mood when they lose, and is feelling great when they win.

... and i would cry of joy if the Nords ever come back to Québec City.

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