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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Pages and pages of Gaborik trade talk (and fan-generated proposals that will never happen in a thousand years BTW), and nobody seems to remember that the guy who makes the trades is old as balls and set in his ways.

When was the last time Sather traded a superstar/scoring forward for anything? (2004 fire sale notwithstanding)

Trading/signing for superstars is his motif, not trading them away.


Sather loves skill. Duh. He's traded for guys five years removed from 30 goal seasons, yet according to some of you, he's magically going to ignore his tenets and trade away a guy 8 months removed from a 2nd 40-plus season in three years.

And when he did/forced to trade goal scorers (mainly on the Oilers) he always wanted established skill in return.

Guerin for Arnott
Tikkanen for Weight
Todd for Nicholls
Messier for Nicholls
Damphousse for Corson
Gretzky for Carson
Klima and Murphy for Carson
Damphousse for Anderson

I'm not Glen Sather, but like Patton says to Rommel, I read his ******* book.

There's no way Gaborik gets traded, and if the stars align and Sather's on acid, even then, he wont do it for 3rd liners, picks and prospects
Great post. Most people here should read this. I stated earlier in the thread that we can stop talking about Gaborik being moved because its just not going to happen this year, and got reamed for it. Glad another person here understands what's going on.

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