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03-21-2013, 08:48 AM
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Originally Posted by JagerPuck View Post
His wrists are never, ever going to be the same.
Personally, I dont think he'll reach that level of play again without a bonafide #1 winger on BOTH sides.
Oh ok. Could you tell me what the winning Power Ball numbers will be this week?

It took Jagr for him to flourish and as soon as they let him walk, I knew we'd be in for some scoring woes.
Scoring woes? He has 27 points in 30 games. 30 games. He is scoring at close to a PPG pace in 30 games. He has hit some serious scoring woes. If he had three more points though, he would be at roughly the same spot he was last year. Those three points...on a team that is clearly not as good...are the difference between Claude Giroux being elite, and Claude Giroux not ever going to be the same. If he scores four points on Sunday will he be the same again?

You bring up all these stats about one-goal games.. Guess what partner.. Good teams win them, the Flyers lose them.
Absolutely. The Flyers are not good this year. No argument here. The post I was responding to was talking about Giroux winning games for the Flyers. I was pointing out that most of the losses were by more than one goal, meaning it is a bit much to say that he should be winning those games.

Oh Claude stole one game this year huh? Color me impressed.
He's also had a number of points and good performances in losses, where the rest of the team has looked awful. The point I was making was that while yes, he is having somewhat of a down year, so is the rest of the team. You can't look at Giroux and act like he is somehow not the same player because the rest of the team sucks and he ONLY has 27 points in 30 games.

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