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Originally Posted by pepperMonkey View Post
Why do you cherry pick with the stats so much?
As a rookie, DD got 22pts, Eller 17 pts. 2nd year, Eller gets 28 pts and DD gets 1st line duties. Sure, the PP production could be similar but if you can't understand why DD was good enough for 1st line duties while Eller wasn't, it's quite simple and frankly as much as you may dislike DD, you should clearly be able to see why. Simply put, Eller in rookie year gets 17 pts. 2nd year 28 pts...with 77 and 79 games respectively. You can cherry pick and manipulate the data all you want, DD got 22 pts in his rookie year with 43 games with white and pouliot etc. DD proved he can produce, Eller, up to that point hasn't.
I hope Eller continues to improve and become the monster that we all hope he becomes but up to the beginning of this year, DD has simply out performed Eller. That may certainly change this year and we can all hope Eller bursts out even more but historically, that is the situation.
First, you can't compare two players based only on their offensive production.

I'm not cherry picking, i tried to compare them on the same standard.
Even if it.s not really possible since one has been in the NHL at 20yo and the other one enter the league at 24.

I understand that in his first year, DD outperformed Eller, and that's why he got top 6
duties. But i won't cherry-pick an ything for the next part:

What i don't get, is that right now Eller clearly outperformed DD, and still don't fully get his chance as DD did and the only reason why, is that DD can'T do anything else on the ice!

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