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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
I have to say I kind of agree with the thinking that Canadian born players are given a pass on unprofessional/classless behavior more so than European or even American born players are.

I think of some of the stuff Blake, Smyth, Fuhr pulled here. Plus people in other places like Shanahan, Peca, Kariya and Carter.

These guys for the most part get free passes, and then you have people constantly ripping Yashin and Semin. Not saying they don't deserve it, but it doesn't seem like it's a two way street.
I think where they play factors in as well. Remember the east coast bias that comes from watching a lot of east coast teams but being in bed by the time the west coast teams are playing? It likely spreads over into this sort of stuff too. Plus, the media covering the Kings is far weaker (in terms of coverage) than that for many east coast teams. I mean at least the east coast media can figure out to put up a picture of the Washington Capitals logo and not the Washington Wizards (someone insert overused Sacramento Kings news anchor picture here).

So I think that plays into it a good deal. The other part refers to someone such as Yashin. He got that rep from his days in Ottawa. The Canadian media is relentless, especially the media in Ontario, and Yashin did some pretty dumb things in his day there that they exposed. By the time he left Ottawa, he could have devoted the rest of his life to rescuing lost puppies and feeding the homeless and he'd have been villian number one in the NHL forever anyways. If he was Canadian, it may have gone a bit better, but not much. He'd still be portrayed as an ass. Ask Sean Avery.

So I think it has a lot more to do with the where, than the who in the case of LA. I mean ever Roenick didn't get dogged very much outside of LA for his play as a King, and he was a joke. By the time Roenick hit the ice to do his dance moves (someone inset youtube video here), the east coast media was shutting things down for the night.

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