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Originally Posted by SeattleSharksFan View Post
Someone mentioned Wenatchee, which would be interesting. I'm not sure how their attendance has been, but if their move to the BCHL works out well, they could become a WHL candidate. (Any Central WA-based fans, please chime in )
Wenatchee averaged over 3,000 their first few seasons, runs about 2,700 now, and they pay probably Alberta-Saskatchewan WHL prices to watch. At least from my one visit there a couple months ago, it's legit. I've heard one guy questioning 4,300 capacity, and expansion is pretty much out because the building took on so much debt that the state bailed out Wenatchee. The WHL, despite some of the small buildings to the east, is said to prefer no fewer than 5,000 seats for their buildings in Cascadia.

Originally Posted by SeattleSharksFan View Post
- Eastern Oregon and the rest of Idaho (Boise, etc) are gray areas. Eastern Montana and Eastern Idaho definitely feel more Midwest/Rocky Mountain.
So I lived in Boise for a dozen years too many. I still have a daughter there.

There's a significant Mormon population in Southern Idaho, so Boise kind of aligns a little bit with Salt Lake City, but doesn't lack for influence from Portland and Seattle. For being 350 and 450 miles away from those markets, and for really large percentage growth over 50 years, it is its own place. The thing about that: it's been hard for pro teams to pin down that market. It's in Mariners broadcast territory, but I've listened to a radio guy insist that they could make headway if they time-bought in Boise (wink wink). I suppose Root took over for Fox Northwest there... and if so, that's meant nothing for anyone but, say, the Timbers and Flounders along with the Mariners. But they'd rather stuff Boise State sports down our throats.

Eastern Oregon... parts of it are now more easily aligned with Boise, mostly where Boise TV has taken hold. That means a lot if you can get cattle to watch games... Oregon's 2nd Congressional District includes everything East of the Cascades AND Medford/Jackson County to make numbers. As the Columbia River reaches all the way towards Hermiston in Eastern Oregon, there's stronger economic ties to Portland from Pendleton westward. Bend is the biggest population center east of the Cascades, definitely a Portland playground (if there's an Oregon city that should have WHL, it's Bend, alas, attempt to build an arena have been thwarted).

So there's a test later...

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