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03-21-2013, 09:55 AM
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Anyway I'd asked for this to be closed multiple times. It seems like it's very hard to come to an agreement (for any teams) on value of each other's players. Each team generally seems to value their own players higher than the posters from the other teams that they are talking to so this discussion seems a bit moot.

I put a lot of value in a young, massive goalie putting up top 15 stats and a 40 point pretty mobile large offensive defenceman that is a rookie. I also put value in the Flyers' players which is why I made the thread, but in any case this discussion seems to be devolving into trying to discredit or push players above others and it just seems pointless to continue.

Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
I'm confused. Did you intend to say that he had never put up less than 30 points?
Nah...typo, not sure how I got 30 when I had his stat sheet open. It was meant to read 50.

Voracek is one year older than Wiercioch. He's played in 350 NHL games and potted over 200 points.

I'm trying, but I really have no idea what you are talking about.
Well to be fair Wiercioch is a big, lanky guy who has had some hiccups and is also a defenceman and in general they take a bit longer to develop. I understand though I'm not just saying Wiercioch for Voracek or anything like that -- I do put a lot of value in Bishop as well. I understand not wanting to do it though I just don't agree with people devaluing Ottawa's players to need to hold value for their own.

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