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03-21-2013, 10:00 AM
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Was Freud right?

I hope this belongs in the Science thread and not ze Lounge but i'm in a developmental psych class right now and Freud obviously pops up a lot. The father of modern Psychoanalysis is notorious for associated most things (if not everything) in regards to human behavior and decision making to sex in one way or another.

Specifics are easily available so i wont bother posting them but are human beings completely dominated by sexual desires and interactions? Even at the infantile level?

I've always been of the mind that Freud was a brilliant man but he "stuck to his guns" too much with his emphasis on sexual desires, even at the infantile level, influencing our adult behavior and characteristics. It seems that he is associating simple infant developments with sex simply because he wants to and not because those desires are actually there. In addition to that, he even goes as far to say that these subconscious "desires" influence our behavioral patterns as grown, fully mentally functional adults.

Personally i dont see how a baby having a passifier, or drinking milk from their bottle/mother's nipple qualifies as a sexual oral fixation. Nor do i see how how a little boy or girl learning to go to the bathroom can develop into a sexual satisfaction. In my opinion, Freud ignores that these are completely normal biological processes and necessities and instead associates them with very consequential sexual satisfactions.

I have a much stronger belief that our behavior is influenced by the classical and operant conditioning that we experience almost every day, as well as the Social Learning Theory.

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