Thread: TSN 1260: What's going on? Part 3
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03-21-2013, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Truth Movement View Post
Yeesh, your posts got weirdly personal attacky. Is this how you "win" arguments on HFBoards?

Anyway, first, I think you don't know the meaning of the term "cherry picking." Posting things the guy said in a public forum, all within chronological order and all within the correct context is not cherry picking by anyone's metrics by yours.

It's cool if you like Spector. Like I said, he's got this sardonic demeanor that can be fun, but then again he gets into all kinds of weird "I don't want Euros in my bottom 6" talk that makes him sound out of touch and xenophobic (the day these Tweets went out, Spec doubled down on that kind of talk on his show - almost like he was trolling people with better sense). I'm not saying "boohoo, Spec doesn't like Paajarvi," it's just that he has a tendancy to be wrong about things.

Not defending Lowetide, like anyone analyzing the team he can be off base, but what are some key players Lowetide has been categorically wrong on?

and then there is/was his embarrassing cuddlemance with Shawn Horcoff. Seems like a nice guy and I have nothing against him really, I mean I am responding to you attacking a different media personality publicly, but since you asked, those are three of the players that he has been a little off about.

His show/blog and numbers schtick isnt really my bag. I prefer to assess the game by actually watching it, but to each their own I suppose.

Paajarvi seems to be the new flavour of the day for the pocket protector crowd. Im glad that he has seen a resurgence in his game, but 20 some games has really proven exactly nothing atm. So throwing stones at anyone for saying anything about him or his game either way is very premature. Whether it be Spector for allegedly saying Paajarvi is no good (I dont personally think that is what he believes) or you and others saying he is the new Shawn Horcoff.

Here's an idea. Why dont you call into Spec's show and confront him with your evidence on his mistaken views on Paajarvi?

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