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08-04-2006, 08:58 AM
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The Leafs and Bruins are 1 thing,I could not compare them to another team from that city. I don't care about Basketball,but my favorite team is San Antonio(I just liked the name when I was young and then 4-5 years later they are the best team in the NBA). If the Raptors do well I would be happy for them.I don't care it's the only canadian team in the NBA and I want them to do well I d'ont care about the City it self.

Also even worse I like the Red Sox and im a really big time Patriots fan.Been all my life and go watch a football game every season.I love the Pats it's the sport and team I cheer the most for after the Habs.We don't have an NFL team so you can cheer for any team who cares for the city.You cheer for the Jets(sorry) the Rangers are an NHL original 6 and we don't like the Rags so why do you cheer for the Jets?

BTW,the Pats are Bleue-Blanc-Rouge

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