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03-21-2013, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by peck420 View Post
Silly thread is silly.

The only people that blame DD are people that have not watched any Oiler's games, or followed any of their stats.

Both show the same result. Goal tender is above league average in performance, skaters are below league average in performance.

DD would have to have a sv% of .935 or better to carry this team to the playoffs with how the current skaters are playing.

How many goalies in the league (that have actually played more than a couple games) have sv% that high? ....1 at 15 games played.

People who think DD is the problem have some serious expectation issues in regards to goalies.
So let me get this. You are pretending the stats say that Dubs is a quality netminder and were all rubes here because we don't get this alleged fact. Next you're saying that Dubnyks stats would be good if only the players in front of him were better thereby nullifying your first assertion.

Ironic as well that you call out people on not watching the games and then defer to some vague "stats" that state Dubs is great and the team in front of him is all ****.

The team in front of him manage to put forth a winning effort last night and on the basis of play and scoring chances were the better team. But Dubnyk managed to lose the game. This is what the viewing tells us, That the Oilers dominated large stretches of the game and that SJ tied the game against the grain of play 1-1 and then later scored two goals in seemingly successive shots to tie the game.

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