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03-21-2013, 10:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
Here's the only thing I would have a problem with in terms of Nichushkin: he's signed to a KHL contract for another 2 yrs after this one. If a team is picking with the top 3 picks, they usually want to get a player that will be able to impact their lineup more quickly than that. In the last 5 drafts, every top 3 pick was in the NHL within 1 season of their draft yr and almost all were immediately after being drafted. So while Nichushkin is probably a top 3 prospect in terms of talent, the lack of being able to impact a team's success more quickly will easily cause him to drop. I know you disagree with that idea but thats just the facts of what NHL teams are doing at the top of the draft. They want immediate impact and that's not Nichushkin.
We're drafting players for 20 years. The next 2, their teenage years, really isn't that much of a concern. Who cares if whoever we draft has a 40 or 50 point season when they are 19. I care about what they are doing in the 20's and onwards. If you feel Nichushkin is the best player available, take him, unless your interview information tells you otherwise.

Immediate impact? If you're expecting 18/19 year old rookies to define your season/lead you somewhere ... well, your not a well run club.

Lindholm will likely stay another year in the SEL. Monahaon isn't ready to be a big time offensive producer in the nhl. Barkov will have growing pains. Jones won't be an elite impact defenseman at 18. Drouin won't be an NHL impact forward at 18. Mackinnon is the most ready to me, but again, he'll be 18. Big deal. 5 years down the line >>>> now. Hence, waiting 2 years doesn't bother me in the slighest.

Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
The one thing I'm curious about with regard to Nichushkin is how good is he in terms of defensive play. Most Russians from what we have seen are definitely top end in terms of offensive play but generally they aren't the most proficient defensively (except for a guy like Datsyuk) or maybe just dont have the desire to play defense. I definitely havent seen enough to say what his capabilities are there but that would be a question that would need to be answered if he's supposed to the top forward in the draft.
This is a stereotype again. It's got very little to do with Russians. Most high octane skilled 18 year old Forwards tend to be weaker on the defensive side. Drouin, Mackinnon, Lindholm and Nichushkin have work to do in that area. Next year, the best available forward IMO, Nylander, is pretty bad in his own zone.

Defensive capabilities for Forwards can be coached. All you need is a willing personality. These so called Russians ; well Kovalchuk and Datsyuk are now considered excellent 2 way players, a far cry from when they entered the league. Semin is very competent defensively. It's stupid to generalise a nationality. Datsyuk was well below average defensively at 23, nevermind 18.

I wouldn't take Nichushkin above the other Top 6 guys, but it isn't because of his contract, or his nationality, or his immature defensive play.

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