Thread: Speculation: 2013 NHL Entry Draft
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03-21-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by pantherbot View Post
You can't ignore the risk with drafting a Russian prospect who has not, as far as I know, made it clear he wants to play in North America.
Conjecture. Unless you have definitive word of his intentions, it isn't a concern to me.

Originally Posted by pantherbot View Post
When you draft a North American player, you know he will want to play here, but there is the possibility that a prospect from outside North America may not want to come here. Doubly so with a player from the former Soviet Union since they can play at home and make the same amount of money.
Nichushkin wasn't alive when the Soviet Union existed. Are you merely mentioning it to flex your historical knowledge? High end Russian players come to the NHL. Radulov being the only exception. It's such an overblown concept. The bigger issue is flight risk, if they're not an elite talent, and you don't know how to develop a suitable environment ; see Columbus.

Originally Posted by pantherbot View Post
The fact that he has signed on for several years with the KHL may not mean he does not want to come to North America, but it does mean that he hasn't made it a point to come to North America like some other foreign prospects have in the past, hence the concern.
He's 17. NHL careers don't end at 20. It's not a concern, unless you know he wants to stay in Russia past that. Tarasenko fell for the same reasons. Big mistake. Kuznetsov remains in Russia largely because of Sochi.

There should be no issue with Russian players remaining at home during their teenage years to develop. I actually prefer it, long-term.

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