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03-21-2013, 11:51 AM
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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post

and then there is/was his embarrassing cuddlemance with Shawn Horcoff. Seems like a nice guy and I have nothing against him really, I mean I am responding to you attacking a different media personality publicly, but since you asked, those are three of the players that he has been a little off about.

His show/blog and numbers schtick isnt really my bag. I prefer to assess the game by actually watching it, but to each their own I suppose.

Paajarvi seems to be the new flavour of the day for the pocket protector crowd. Im glad that he has seen a resurgence in his game, but 20 some games has really proven exactly nothing atm. So throwing stones at anyone for saying anything about him or his game either way is very premature. Whether it be Spector for allegedly saying Paajarvi is no good (I dont personally think that is what he believes) or you and others saying he is the new Shawn Horcoff.

Here's an idea. Why dont you call into Spec's show and confront him with your evidence on his mistaken views on Paajarvi?
Lowetide liked MAP for some baffling reason, but I never really thought he was particularily high on JFJ. Like most, he saw that JFJ had great tools, but that other factors (injury, lack of skill) brought reality to light.
Also, how is he wrong on saying Shawn Horcoff is a useful hockey player that remains one of our better options at centre? You're a "by eye" guy, did you not watch last night's game?

Also, I know I'm dealing with one of HFOil's pre-eminent trolls here, so I'm probably not long for sticking this argument out, but I will say that some people are stats guys and some are "by eye" guys. I think the best and smartest hockey fans are able to find a balance. Witnessing a player firsthand gives you a hypothesis on him, and the backing stats round that hypothesis into a thesis. There are guys who lean really hard on the nerd stuff (so much of the Oilogosphere is this way) and guys who just go off "saw him good" or a gut feeling (so much, but not all, of the MSM is this way). Some guys are a nice balance and I would consider Lowetide to be one of those guys. His radio show is a little more stats heavy, but then again, the idea behind the show is that it is blog radio, so that might be compensating a bit.
Also, let's cool it with the "putting words in other people's mouths to further our argument" thing. You can simplify what I'm saying to mean "Derp, Spec hatez PRV!!" but it just makes the shallowness of you argument stand out more.
Spector said that MPS was not a top 6 player on this team and was ill-suited for a bottom 6 role (where he added the team needed more good Canadian boys and less soft Euros - his words, not mine). The stats nerds that you look down your nose at said "in the few instances that he's played with skill (which includes roughly two games from the previous season) MPS has enjoyed offensive success. When not playing in that role, he has become one of the few Oilers to push the puck in the right direction. Even when the offense isn't coming, he's a safe player."
Spector said the Oilers needed more "grit" and "sandpaper" in their bottom six (again, not untrue) and less guys trying to create offense (a dubious claim for a team that has struggled with 5v5 scoring). These are things he said. Out loud. I am not putting any words in his mouth nor am I presuming something.
Presuming something would be me saying that if Spector were running the team, MPS (a useful hockey player) would be playing on the farm and Eager (a not-very-useful hockey player) would still be on the team because of Good Ol' Canadian gritensity.

Also, my beef with Spec also stems from years and years of hearing him on the radio and thinking "what the **** is he talking about?"

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