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03-21-2013, 10:54 AM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
Now, I am Boyle hater number one, but let's get something straight...

Boyle is NOT a useless hockey player, he is a useless third liner. Somebody for the love of GOD bump that 3C thread from before the season started, and let's feed some posters some crow

If Boyle was on the fourth line, no one would have an issue with him here. The problem isn't Boyle, it's the personnel employed by the team. With Powe, Halpern, and now Miller around, Boyle is a redundant piece. He'd be a good fourth liner on most teams in the NHL, but I'd take Powe and Halpern over him any day. On the other hand, I'd take Boyle over Asham any day too. If the right personnel was in place, and Boyle could be on the fourth line LW, this would be a non-issue.

Fact is, it's not. Fact is, the posters like myself and others who were clamoring for a true 3C this off-season have been proven right.

For the most part this season, our third line has been Pyatt - Boyle - Miller. That's a COMBINED 12 points. Most of those belong to Pyatt (6) and he got all of those while he was playing in the top 6.
Boyle is a good 4th liner. But having him and Halpern is just pointless. This team needs a legitimate 3rd line center, and it could be Miller. It is definitely not Boyle. I like the guy and I hate to rag on him, but this team needs a 3rd line that can contribute offensively.

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