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Originally Posted by Nicky Santoro View Post
easily the best post i've ever read on this forum. thanks buddy. u have no idea how long i've searched those answers and no one ever knew. u've answered all my questions that i've been dying to know forever.

so bruins were no 1 in the 70's?? makes me so happy to hear this. it's just so sad orr had to have such a short career. he was so good. and espo must've been fun to watch in bos, too. also, that's great to hear bruins owned the 70's in bos, because i remember the sox in the 70's were huge, too. the Boomer, Fisk, Lynn, Rice, Evans, etc.. wow, bruins must've been huge. i love it.

wow, and Orr won the poll?? that includes guys like Bird, Havlicek, Brady, Manny, Clemens and i can name hundreds more. I wish i was a bostonian living in the early 70's to have witnessed Orr and Espo together. i'm sure hockey fans who lived in boston that time have fond memories of those days.

thanks again, buddy..
Orr is a rock star he was bigger than all the Red Sox stars at the time. He was so revered, go watch the video of his retirement, they couldn't stop the crowd, longest standing O in the history of Boston retirement games. He still carries the myth of Orr with him, people still get giddy talking about him. I can't explain how people still light up when you start talking about him. I once met this guy from Iowa, he starts talking to me how Orr, tells me everyone in Iowa watched the Bruins and hockey because of Orr. He was that big!

Yaz was the big name for the Sox than the Gold Dust Twins, Boomer (LOL) I loved George Scott, what a character, Mr Spaceman Bill Lee, great times. Orr did outshine them though. Orr is on his own planet.

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