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03-21-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Name me a high end Russian prospect who has never ventured over to the NA.

Good luck.
I could but it would be in poor taste since he died in Russia.

I believe back in 2000 there was a kid taken 15th overall that never came over from Russia but cant remember his name now.
Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
We're drafting players for 20 years. The next 2, their teenage years, really isn't that much of a concern. Who cares if whoever we draft has a 40 or 50 point season when they are 19. I care about what they are doing in the 20's and onwards. If you feel Nichushkin is the best player available, take him, unless your interview information tells you otherwise.

Immediate impact? If you're expecting 18/19 year old rookies to define your season/lead you somewhere ... well, your not a well run club.

Lindholm will likely stay another year in the SEL. Monahaon isn't ready to be a big time offensive producer in the nhl. Barkov will have growing pains. Jones won't be an elite impact defenseman at 18. Drouin won't be an NHL impact forward at 18. Mackinnon is the most ready to me, but again, he'll be 18. Big deal. 5 years down the line >>>> now. Hence, waiting 2 years doesn't bother me in the slighest.
We get thats how you feel about it but teams dont think like you. They arent just drafting for the next 20 yrs...they are drafting for both the next 20 yrs and often who can make the biggest impact as quickly as possible so they turn their fortunes around. So that goes into who they feel is the best player available at those spots. And thats why you often see Russian players slide because they often are 2-4 yrs away from even making an impact in the NHL.

And there have been a lot of players drafted in the top 3 who were 18/19 yrs old and had immediate impacts in recent yrs. Kane, Toews, Stamkos, Backstrom, & Duchene all had impressive debuts and helped their teams right away. I wouldnt say any of those teams are poorly run and we have the guy running our club that drafted 2 of those guys.

Actually the one reason I would take MacKinnon over any of the other forwards is his 2-way ability right now. He's got the potential to impact the game right away and not as the growing pains you would normally see from a rookie. And keep in mind, its not uncommon that players do take a yr to get accustomed to the NHL before they really break out. So even if a player continues to develop overseas like Nichushkin, he'll still take an additional yr in the NHL before you see the true results of his play. So eating up a yr of a player at 18 where you get solid play but not elite so that when they are 19, that often makes more sense to NHL clubs than waiting until those players are coming in as 21 yrs old and then not getting any big results until 22. By 22, that 18 yr old has probably made more impact on your club than the other player would have.
Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
This is a stereotype again. It's got very little to do with Russians. Most high octane skilled 18 year old Forwards tend to be weaker on the defensive side. Drouin, Mackinnon, Lindholm and Nichushkin have work to do in that area. Next year, the best available forward IMO, Nylander, is pretty bad in his own zone.

Defensive capabilities for Forwards can be coached. All you need is a willing personality. These so called Russians ; well Kovalchuk and Datsyuk are now considered excellent 2 way players, a far cry from when they entered the league. Semin is very competent defensively. It's stupid to generalise a nationality. Datsyuk was well below average defensively at 23, nevermind 18.

I wouldn't take Nichushkin above the other Top 6 guys, but it isn't because of his contract, or his nationality, or his immature defensive play.
Stereotypes are there because there has been some common reason for it. If something occurs several times and seems to keep happening, then that isnt uncommon to see a stereotype develop. As I said above, MacKinnon is probably the one player among that group that has less work to do in his own zone. Thats why I would prefer him over the others more than anything.

Yes defensive capabilities can be coached but that means a longer development timeline. As I said above, a top 3 pick has generally been expected to impact the lineup within 1 yr of being drafted and if you have to wait until 23 yrs old for a player to be competent defensively, then you're a continually losing team IMO as compared to a team that has a player that at a young age is able to quickly develop that defensive side. For example, see Tyler Seguin

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