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Originally Posted by Traitor8 View Post
Gaborik has 1 less goal than Gionta .... Gaborik has 1 more point than Gonta.

"If he can't do it with Richards and Nash, why would he do it in monteal?" That's a weak argument. Semin couldn't do it with Ovechkin and Backstrom but he's playing very well this year. Look at Gaborik's history ...he had 40 goals just last year, he didn't just suddenly lose all his talent. I can say it's VERY likely that Gionta's production will be more or less the same next year or even worse while with Gaborik, I think everyone would agree that they expect him to put up a lot more points.

The guys I am bringing in are 65 years old but I am getting rid of 64 year old so that's a bad argument.

Yes Asham is 3 inches shorter than Moen but Gabroik is 5 inches bigger than Gionta. Aasham also destroys Moen in the physical aspect of the game.
And he's been payed a whopping 2.5 million for that extra point...
I don't want inconsistent, injury prone, may or may not work out, 30+ year olds being added to this team....that's the management of old that would make such a move and they did make that move in 2009........ why on earth would we create such a shake up when we're winning and gionta is playing a big role in our success.....the guys all heart, thats why he's our capatain...maybe he's not part of our future plans but hes great for us now.....dude im sorry, but it just makes no sense. Diaz...a first rounder? valuable assets down the drain for a journeyman and a roll of the dice on yet another disinterested hockey player,,,,enough...gauthier and gainey are gone.

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