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Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
First of all I think you're a really good poster and I understand your frustration with the EJ trade, I'm not a fan of the way he's been playing on the offensive side of the puck either, but I still hope he'll bounce back and provide 35 points with great defense on regular basis.
Thanks for the kinds words, and I send them back in turn.

I've said an awful lot about the EJ trade, so no need to rehash it here. If he starts putting up 40+ points per season while playing high quality defense, I'll be OK with the trade. Still very expensive, but defensible. Well, maybe not 'OK' with the trade, but I'll be less inclined to ***** about it so much. :-) But at 15-20 points (and zero goals) per season, it's not defensible. Anyway, enough of that.

Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
Considering Downie, he's a 3rd liner who can play in the top 6 when injuries hit and do a good job at it. My biggest concern with him is his health and unpredictable temper, which can sometimes help him, but most of the time it hurts him and the team. All in all I like him as a player. As for Quincey, I'm not a fan. Before the 10/11 season I posted here that I see him as a glue of our defense, if he plays good our defense looks better as a whole, if he underperforms our defense looks much worse. I think we can all say he didn't perform up to the expectation before he got dealt and in the Wings games I saw since he got there he's much like he was back when he was in Denver, his offense is maddeningly inconsistent and he's prone to defensive breakdowns and ill advised decisions with the puck on his stick. I see him an inconsistent #4 defenseman in this league. If Downie manages to stay relatively healthy (I realize that's a big if) I like this trade from our POV.
I see it as a wash, best case scenario. Quincey has his faults, but he'd still easily be a 2nd pairing guy on the Avs right now. In fact, I'd trade any of the 6 regular Avs defensemen not named Johnson for Quincey right here and now. Hejda's probably a better player, but since Hejda is 8 years older than Quincey, I'd even do that one.

In truth, I'm not sure anyone knows what the hell the Avs have in Downie. They're going to wake up for training camp this October - 18 months after getting him in the trade - and only having seen a dozen or so games of him playing healthy. He's a large unknown, IMO.

Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
As for Mitchell, I didn't like the signing when it was anounced, I remembered him from TO and NY and he seemed like a guy who's in love with his stick-handling. His games with the Avs further proved that, but his flaws (bad defensive play, bad decisions with the puck) have been somewhat masked by the fact that he's on an inasne scoring streak and by the fact that he's playing on the wing. So I would agree with you I don't see him keep up this pace based on his history in the NHL.
Nope. I like him, but hope they trade him while his value is at its highest in his career. Easily replaced next season.

Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
Regarding Jones I think he caught the Dustin ''I got paid so I can just float around'' Penner bug.
Well, I wouldn't want to accuse someone of that, but I'm at a loss to come up with an alternate explanation. His game is simply lame in every aspect. He's skating and handling the puck like an ECHL player.

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