Thread: Post-Game Talk: Oilers lose 4-3 in SO
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03-21-2013, 11:11 AM
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I know everyone is all over Ralph Krueger for his late game line juggling, I think it’s ridiculous, I don’t get the fact that we are sitting on leads. Even if it’s his call, when you put plugs on the ice, that try to trap. He has said we don’t ever sit on leads. Then effing bench the guys who continue to “sit on these leads”.

It has been said in here a few times, but why is Yakupov getting punished? I don’t know if Rexall has been that loud since Gagners 8 point game, the place was buzzing, the momentum finally back into our favor after a lack luster third, and we bench our little ball of energy. I though we drafted the kid, because he had all the skills in the world, brought a bunch of energy, and played a physical game that we lacked. I doubt if the kid understand anymore on how to play hockey, every time he does something right, he gets stapled to the bench… baffles me.

But my main point is, Ralph Krueger not only is terrible in the third, but all throughout the game, Is not the advantage of being the home team the last change?, At one point in the second there was a puck deflected over the glass in our end, SJ Brings out the top line of Joe Thornton, we counter with Smyth’s line, I understand Horcoff was on the ice prior to the whistle, but match up wise this guy seems to have no clue, I don’t get why we have our 3rd and 4th lines ever starting shift in our own end unless they have too after an icing. Our best players offensively should be capable enough to get the puck out, I am sick of him setting our team up to fail in these situations. There has also been other examples where we keep a team hemmed in there end, and after they ice it, we counter with the 4th line. What happened to matching our 4th line with there’s a few times, then putting our top line out against the 4th. This guy continues to stick to his guns of rolling 4lines, no matter the occasion, at least last night a few guys played the minutes they should (Brown). The 3rd period turtle is ridiculous, and everyone sees it coming, but there are a handful of moments throughout the game, where other teams coaches must be laughing at the decision we make. We get out played in the match up game in our own barn… ridiculous

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