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03-21-2013, 11:33 AM
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everytime these type of threads pop up, it's always the same old thing... fans of the team selling the player want way too much, and think their asset is worth more than what any previous similar asset was dealt for (of course it'll be different this time ) ... and the return will again reflect what we've seen in previous similar deals.

When has a top end prospect (like Bennett) EVER been dealt for a rental player? And we're not talking a guy like Hossa or Kovalchuk who were young and have years left with a potential extension - and they didn't even return the type of assets that fans seem to want for Iginla.

Iginla is clearly on the downside of his career. His numbers clearly indicate that. He's still a valuable player and a player that every playoff team would want, but at what cost? Is any team seriously going to give up more for a 35YO rental Iginla - that too in a shrinking cap era - then they did for Hossa? or Kovalchuk? or Forsberg? or hell, even Gretzky??

Did any of those players when dealt as rentals return any organization's top prospects? And it could argued that all of those guys were providing a bigger impact at the time of their trades then Iginla has been now at his age and stage in his career.

Like we see *every single time* Calgary fans will be hugely disappointed with the return that Iginla gets. How many years of seeing such deals go down will it take for fans to finally realize that organizations never give up their top prospects or valuable roster players for rentals? You won't get a Bennett in a deal for Iginla... hell you won't even get a player like Hansen, who's become a very valuable part of the Canucks. Such assets don't get moved for rental players, and there's been a lot of rentals more valuable than Iginla that have moved without such assets being involved.

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