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03-21-2013, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by pantherbot View Post
Where a player comes from makes a difference whether you want to believe it or not. There is a comfort level with playing at "home" and anyone, not just hockey players, are more likely to take a job close to their home. And I actually did take a job specifically for that reason a couple years ago, so I could go home, and yes I did mention it in my interview. So it does matter.
Is your job in the NHL. Is your job worth millions of dollars. Is your job something you likely grew up dreaming? Is your employer as powerful as the NHL?

Yes, Russians will sometimes want to stay at home, which is fine and natural. But high end Russian players who are offered big money, little to no AHL time, nearly always come to North America. I've yet to see this salient fact challenged. No clue how Nichushkin feels, hence interviews etc are important, but the trends are obvious.

Originally Posted by pantherbot View Post
I agree that Filatov in the end was a poor prospect, but the his contract with the KHL was an additional headache. He also did not want to play in the AHL and went back to the KHL. You think a North American prospect will do that? I don't think so.
He came over at 18. The AHL isn't a good place for young Russian prospect IMO, but that remains a different discussion. He came over, struggled, went home, struggled, came back, struggled, went home, is struggling.

Originally Posted by pantherbot View Post
You still didn't answer my question. I'm asking the question, not because you would ever have an identical player, but because it helps to frame the question with respect to the Russian factor and parse out whether you would consider if there is any risk at all.
I answered your question, you simply have chosen to assume i have not.

If your question is, the EXACT same player, i'm taking the personality i prefer. If they are EXACTLY the same in that regard, and it's a + in that regard, then i decide based on style, since Russian players can join the AHL, which CHL players cannot. Hence .. this question is pointless, because there are so many things to factor in.

So, all things being equal (talent, skill, and character), would you choose a North American or Russian prospect?[/QUOTE]

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