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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
Did you catch the author's name? Ken Jones.
He's certainly got a good point. It didnt take a whole lot of critical thought throughout last year when it became pretty apparent Jamison was going nowhere, that with the fall election pending, a newly seated Mayor & Council in January that further delays would just naturally occur regardless of whatever they promised on the campaign trail. Take time to get up to speed, cleaning house, issuing RFP's, just on & on.

Its cold, harsh, but I think the soul may have left the body for good on January 31st, 2013, JIG's Up, and really what were watching unwind in the here & now is indeed Dead Man Walking. Hard not to believe so... though plenty of others argue transcendence actually occurred over a decade ago when Scottsdale sent Steve Ellman packing; perhaps even earlier when Burke & Gluckstern wound up at the then named AWA under Colangelo's thumb. Theres nothing worse than seeing unfulfilled potential go wasted, whether its in an individual or a situation like this. Plenty of blame to go around, fingers pointing everywhere, just sad, pathetic, what a waste...

Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
i LOVE this! fantastic solution. well done, beavis!
Pretty sure he's being sarcastic, facetious. Sure hope so GS. Mad Dogs & Englishman who shouldnt be spending too much time out in the noontime Sun. Rather hard to avoid if you live in Arizona. Sometimes hard to tell.

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