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03-21-2013, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Penalty Killa View Post
Aren't they all dead?
No. Layne passed away. Mike Starr passed away even though he was kicked out of the band in 92/93. Jerry Cantrell (who wrote most of the music and lyrics) and Sean Kinney (drummer) are still around from the original 4. Mike Inez isn't the original bassist but he's been with AiC for 20 years, he is just as important as Mike Starr was.

The new AiC is pretty much the band with William Duvall singing instead of Layne (Duvall is really talented, but no one can be compared to Layne. Layne was the best vocalist of all time) they're releasing a new album and already released a single from it. Enjoy watching them, even without Layne they are still better then 99% of the bands out there today.

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