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Originally Posted by ChadSC View Post
And what makes you think he isn't? Don't assume lack of action is due to lack of trying. Understand that the hockey trade market isn't conducive to the type of action you're talking about and alluding to in your Blue Jays example. Further, give some examples of these types of trades happening in the league? There are a few but nothing to suggest that making them is easy.

How can you assume any of this? That trades weren't made. Maybe they couldn't be made. The last offseason was right before the end of the CBA, which led to the lockout - there was little trade action, obviously. How many trades are ever made early in the season and well before the lockout?

Understand that in hockey and in the current market, deals are exceptionally hard to make. Big power forwards, puck moving Dmen, faceoff specialists, etc. don't just grow on trees. And can cost a relatively significant amount. Personally, I'm glad that management isn't so myopic in their focus.

I never once said it would be easy, you need to take risks to move forward, we trade lows picks, for washed up players, then trade our guys who don't fit our plan, for picks. Once in a blue moon we will trade one of our sturggling guys, for someone on a different team who is struggling "hoping for the change of scenario". I am not saying blow it up, or do this or that, but the team has to be getting close, at some point, a first or 2nd needs to be dangled out there. Itc ould be done that way.

On the other hand you can stand pat, and let the ship stay course, cause in 3 years this team can still develop into a powerhouse of a team, just as many other team have. I don't like the approach as a fan.

Thats my opinion, I don't agree with standing pat, or going, well we tried but the market ain't out there. Other teams take risks, do they always turn out no. I don't see this managment taking risks. That frustrates me.

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