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Originally Posted by OCTA8ON View Post
I disagree with this post for several reasons.

1. Yes, Oshie hits, but when was the last time he completely laid someone out? Was it Dustin Penner during last year's playoffs? Oshie has monster hits every once in a while, not every night. I rarely see him hit nowadays.

2. Oshie, during segments of this season in particular, has disappeared in the scoring department. There hasn't been much of a so called offensive spark since last season. You could argue that it has to do more with his defensive game, but why are we paying him over 3 million dollars just to hustle and backcheck? No thanks.

3. This perspective comes from playing right wing my entire life: the amount of defensive responsibility as a winger is nothing compared to playing center. In the defensive end, the wingers cover 1/4 of the zone by covering one point defender and the high slot area when the puck is on the other side of the rink. Centers have to cover 1/2 of the defensive zone from everything below the hashmarks. You give Oshie way more defensive credit than he deserves. Backes is the one doing the vast majority of the defensive work as the center who is needed to battle behind the net and help the defensemen. The wingers typically just wait near the point and help get the puck out of the zone. This is why wingers typically aren't acknowledged for the Selke trophy. The best 2 way forwards in the game such as Backes, Datsyuk, and Bergeron are Centers who actually have some defensive responsibility. Wingers in hockey have the least amount of defensive responsibility out of any position.
I'll just highlight that word. There is a vast difference between guys like Hossa, Oshie, Steen, Landeskog, Alfredsson, etc. and guys like Stewart, Kessel, etc.

Oshie, Steen, Hossa, and other top defensive wingers could float, but they don't and that is what makes good defensive teams great.

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