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03-21-2013, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Burmistrov08 View Post
Winnipeg NEEDS to really consider moving their UFA's.

The biggest thing this team is lacking which was discussed in another topic was a winning culture. Nik Antropov and Ron Hainsey hold great value but they aren't winners. Winnipeg should focus on the core they have right now and continue to nurture the development of their youth. If anyone thinks this team or this organization of players is a Stanley Cup contender should reconsider that stance. The likelihood of the players we have developing into superstars is minimal. This would open roster spots for 2013-14 for Zach Redmond and Mark Scheifele who would fit into very well into those spots. Bogo/Enstrom/Stuart/Buff can play big minutes on the point while Redmond continues to adjust to the NHL and the risk vs. reward of acquiring prospects and/or draft choices for those two, in my opinion, way outweighs the risk of the players we acquire being busts or Hainsey and/or Antropov taking their game to the next level.
oh dear....

So we need to build a winning culture, by removing assets that increase our likelyhood to win because of an arbitrary determination that hainsey and antropov "aren't winners"? That sounds backwards to me.

Nobody has said we are a stanly cup contender. I'd say theres a pretty good likelyhood trouba and schief development into "stars" (not superstars assuming supserstar = crosby/malkin/chara"). I would argue Kane will likely be a star, and bogo will as well. Buff already is.

You want to move hainsey and antropov now, losing them for a playoff run and experience to open space for next year, for two players, one of who in all reality may never skate beyond a rec league level again, the other a rookie ( love schief, but you have to make him earn it), NEXT year. we could just let them walk in the off season, but miss out on those 2 depth picks that will have zero impact in the next 3 years.

Stuart cannot play big minutes. Oh no, he can,but he fails at it. he can physically be on the ice for those minutes, but he is not effective nor conducive to winning when given that much time, and that difficulty of opponents.

you think the 10%> chance that those draft pics become services top 9 or bottom pariing defensemen and the >5% chance they become players as good as hainsey or antro is worth losing a valuable experience in the playoffs and sending a message of "we're serious about competing"

agree to vehemently disagree.

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