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03-21-2013, 12:44 PM
Johnny Hoxville
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Hawks? No Crawford has been playing better than Kipper this year,
There isn't a professional in the hockey world that would consider Crawford an upgrade over Kipper (despite this season's play). Kipper's past accomplishments, his big save and stealing game ability, all far surpass anything that Crawford is capable of. The fact that Emery has started in 14 games this year should be telling in itself, the Hawks success is a product of great team effort, not Crawford.

Wings? No goaltending isn't there problem nor are they Kipper away from being a contender.
The Wings are my dark horse pick to land Lou. Call it a hunch. But they have been known to bring in vet goalies in the past and have success with them. But no, they don't need Kipper however I feel there could be interest there.

Blues? Maybe but not at the price you said they have Allen who has been holding the fort until Halak finds his game doubt they give up on him after a 11 bad games not to mention Kipper isn't that big of an upgrade.
That's just it, Halak hasn't found his game. The Blues are contending now so they would be interested in Kipper due to that he is not signed beyond next season.

Bolts? No they got Lindback knowing he was a project and the playoffs are probably out of reach anyway.
Lindback lol? He's been brutal this year. The Bolts have a playoff lineup and he's the reason they have been struggling. He is a project, and if Kipper would play next season that move makes a ton of sense.

WSH? No playoffs are out of reach and Holtby has been fine since week 3.
Almost exact same situation as the Bolts. Holtby is gonna be a stud, but Washington could win now and Holtby has been struggling. If Kipper is gonna play next year, I think they would have an extreme amount of interest.

Leafs? Highly doubtful outside of Kadri the goaltenders are the reason for their success and Kipper isn't an upgrade.
You are talking about the same Leafs that just snapped a 5 game losing streak? The Leafs are desperate to make the playoffs and don't want a repeat of last year. Again, no one in their right mind would consider Reimer or Scrivens an upgrade over Kipper.

I guess the difference between me and you is that I don't consider Kipper's struggles this year as that he is no longer a top tier goalie. Kipper is a world class goalie and everyone knows that.

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