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03-21-2013, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Perro View Post
Anyone else surprised that with Dallas depth up front they are where they are?
Their D is definately not that great but I thought they would be better.
Whitney missed half the season, Roy and Benn have missed some games, and Ryder was dealt for Cole.

They're about where I thought they'd be, which is where they've been for the last few seasons. Close enough to knock on the door, and a couple bounces here or there determine if they make the playoffs.

Jagr went there for the money. I don't see why else a guy that has spent his NHL career in the East, and mostly in the Atlantic division, all of a sudden goes to a team with some of the worst travel in the league, which hasn't been a playoff team for years, much less a contender.

I would think Whitney went there because of the 2 year deal he got at his age. Probably more overall money than any 1 year deal he may have been offered.

Dallas is in a weird situation, sort of like Calgary. Good enough to almost make it, not bad enough to get the talent they need in the draft, and sort of just wasting years. So they go out, change the look of the team, bring in other and/or more veterans, but it still doesn't quite work.

When Dallas spent crazy amounts of money in the late 90's, they could buy a contender. Without that money, Dallas just isn't a big destination for players. Maybe that changes some with realignment. But to me, like the Kings, and any team not in a select few cities, the Stars are one of those teams that have to bottom out before they have a chance to be really good again.

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