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03-21-2013, 12:55 PM
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1. This which player can fight b.s. has got to go. Seriously, that has such a small impact on the value of a player, move on.

I want to add my $.02, to the Oshie/Christ Stewart debate.

2. Stewart before last season was great. This season he has been one of the best players on our team since about game 5 (not to say everyone has been good/better until lately). But not only has Stewart been one of our best players he has been competing and playing at higher lever, for a longer amount of time than I expected. His foot speed is way faster than I thought. He is blowing by people on the ice. If someone took count of which forwards have noticeably made the most of their time on the ice, you'd be hard pressed not to say Stewart. If Stewart really understand what it means to be a pro and part of the Blues, he'll train hard as hell and have another great off season. Which in turn should only bring more success. The things that are really shocking me is how well he is passing and how much improved his forecheck is. Obviously, the condition he is in is giving him more opportunities on the ice. Not only shifts, but I'm saying he is getting to pucks that he wasn't last year and it open up more things to happen. His defense is improving, but it isn't near Oshie's.

3. Oshie is a heart and soul guy. Has a very reasonable contract and will most likely get selke consideration at some point. Very consistent, game in game out. We know what were getting with Oshie. He probably won't ever get more than 60pts playing with Backes, but that really not a big deal.

IMO, Oshie doesn't have much more room for growth. He is already borderline elite defensively and his line just doesn't get the scoring chance need to score 60+when their on the ice. Stewart is showing lots of potential again. It is in the best interest of Blues to keep both Stewart and Oshie. Oshie probably has more value right now if that add anything to the little debate going on. Not to hurt GrandPapillions feelings, but if I were to trade a winger (ideally Amac, but not realistic) it would be Perron. Lots of upside with Perron, but I'm not sure if its worth his antics and blackouts on the ice.

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