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03-21-2013, 12:57 PM
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Originally Posted by henchman24 View Post
In the Hishon case, the Avs seem to have a list of guys that they really want, and will pick them no matter how far off the board they might be in the media's eyes. I seem to remember the Avs valued ROR really high, around mid 1st in 2009. If they Avs would have had a pick around 15, I think they would have drafted him. It would have been another off the board pick like the Hishon one and people would have freaked out in a similar way. It would have also paid off in the end. I think the scouts have shown they know what they are doing with our drafting.
Absolutely agree. I remember watching their scout meeting and they were discussing that Elliott and Barrie were (I believe) in their top 15 list and look where they went in the draft.

The only real questionable pick IMO was Heard, and that isn't so much about Heard as it is that he was an overager and his ceiling is lower than others that were picked around him. That pick could still very easily prove me wrong.
My theory about this pick is they REALLY wanted Lukas Sutter or Di Giuseppe. So without trading down they selected Heard who was again rumoured to be picked by another team somewhere in the 2nd round. I do think there were other players that could've been a better selection like Sieloff, McCabe, McGinn, Sissons (The player I REALLY wanted), and Severson. We all know from the scouting video that Avs had major debates about skating which is one reason why we didn't select Couturier and probably the reason why we didn't select Frk.

Originally Posted by PAZ View Post
If we had a choice between the three, i'd easily pick Drouin. Mind you have I haven't seen Drouin play first hand, but based on what i've seen from Jones, he isn't anything different from JBouw or EJ when they were drafted. Defensemen are so much more unpredictable, and I honestly don't see where these Lidstrom + Pronger comparisons are coming from. He made a few nice plays, but he wasn't a gamechanger in the games I watched.
You're entitled to your opinion, but you're wrong. There is a reason why he jumped from from top 5 to clear-cut #1 and it wasn't based on a few games. The worst thing I see from him is his defensive positioning (easily fixable) and decision making at times is iffy (comes with experience).

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