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Originally Posted by Ziggy Stardust View Post
Because he was right? He did stop and did end up apologizing to the officials for his tantrum and admitted that he got lost in the heat of the moment in the post game comments. Least he owned up to it.

As far as Doughty "whining," what exactly is he whining about? I guess some people see an opinion and voicing ones displeasure with a hockey team as whining now? I don't see any comments with Doughty making accusations and complaining afterwards about calls or cheap tactics.

He was led to a question by John Hoven who asked him (and he asked Sutter about this too and he didn't bite on it) if the Coyotes whine too much. And guess what, they do, at least after they play the Kings they tend to, and hey, even Doan admitted to it when he made reference about it in his post game comments.

Going back to Doughty's dislike for Vancouver, let's face it, those teams hate each other. Look at how upset they got when Brown destroyed Henrik Sedin along their bench. Burrows decided to be a tough guy and took on Anze Kopitar. Such courage on his part. Of course they got their panties twisted when Richards caught Burrows with an open ice hit as well. And to cap it off, the sequence that led to the overtime goal in Game 5. I seem to recall some people crying over a missed call on that play.

Needless to say, I'm sure Doughty isn't the only player in the league to have this opinion on Vancouver.
And Vancouver fans aren't the only ones to have this opinion on Doughty.

It's like talking to a wall when it comes to discussing the Canucks here. We don't do it more than any other team. And our players rarely whine to be honest. That's Gillis and AV mostly. People love to believe it though. It's worse for the Canucks because everyone constantly pays attention to them. Teams like LA don't get as much attention so obviously those teams get away with stuff that our players would be crucified for.

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