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03-21-2013, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by HSHS View Post
IMHO Semin was always a luxury and the team made a choice of high priced winger with Ovi. Ovi makes this team goal starved. The lack of just a few other adequate wingers (which are 2nd rd pick cheap come deadline) to be paired with the 2C is what exacerbates the lack of scoring. I'm not of the opinion that you need two 6M+ wingers.

I also think we are seriously goal starved due to the run of coaches + no camp. Next season can be extremely different than this one with the right management.
Agree in general but disagree about the cause of the goal scoring problems.

The team was rebuilt around Ovechkin providing the lion's share of the offense. Scoring has been a problem since the MTL series, and made worse when Ted declared that he'd rather win close games than blowouts. At about the same time the high-flying offense sputtered. Ovechkin hasn't been the world-beater he was, so the team's fortunes go with him.

This team used to score on almost anyone. Over the last 3 seasons, with or without camp, they struggle for goals against good teams, and then pad their GFA when the stars align and they can roll over a bad team.

Oates' system should've produced MORE offense than the last 2 seasons by default, just by virtue of being more aggressive and offense-oriented than DH and what BB had become. Ribeiro stepped right in and started producing, with no camp or experience with the team/coach.

Barring a massive turnaround by Ovechkin I don't see going from worst to first just by virtue of more time with the coach or system.

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