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03-21-2013, 01:06 PM
6/11/12 & 6/13/14
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Entitlement is I think exactly what Holloway's issue is. I mean Tyler Toffoli in 20 less games has surpassed anything Holloway did in the AHL. So has Linden Vey.

If I recall correctly a big issue with Holloway was his lack of physical play. Good sized dude at 6' 1" 200 lbs. But I remember him being soft. (could be wrong on that. going off a fuzzy memory)

The big plus side to this kid was he was clutch in the playoff and had very impressive playoff numbers.

I've heard some people say he left to Sweden for financial reasons. But, what financial reasons does a 23/24 year old kid have? He was making roughly 60-70k per year in the AHL. No, that's not out of this world money. But, it's pretty dang good for guy in his early 20's! Unless he had debt to some bad people I don't see money being an issue. Especially when if you hold on a for a bit you'll get a chance to make that unreal money.

He would likely be on an NHL team right now. Either as member of the Kings or someone else. Since at this point he would've been exposed to the waiver wire and likely claimed by another team.

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