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Originally Posted by BamBamCam View Post
And please don't paint Boston as always being a baseball town because it wasn't, even in my lifetime, I watched Boston go from being a Bruin town to the Celtics to the Sox than the Pats (one of which I never thought I would see).

The Bruins were VERY popular at different times, the 30s/40s Cup runs, than again in the late 60s/70s/early 80s where they dominated all things sports than were overtaken by the Larry Bird era Celts. Same with the Sox, up and down. And you're currently watching just how unpopular the Red Sox can become. Watch this season, this is how it was except for certain times.
I lived in Boston in the early 80's (81-85) and my recollection would put it at:
1. Celtics
2. Sox
3. Bruins
4. oh, what do you mean there's a football team that plays in Foxborough

While it was easier to get tickets at Fenway in those days than at the Garden, the Red Sox got more coverage on TV, Radio, and general discussion than the Bruins - even if it was just to complain how the Sox sucked.

Of course, if you looked at the Boston Globe's weekly listing of sports TV ratings, with the exception of playoffs, the #1 spot always seemed to be ...

1. Candlepins for Cash - the NE version of Bowling for Dollars.

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