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03-21-2013, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
Ok, I get what you're saying now.

Yes, the Hawks were absolutely #1 from the early 60's up until essentially when the 85 Bears took the town over. The Cubs and Sox played to very empty stadiums through both those decades as both were almost always horrible, 69 Cubs and 77 Sox really the only exceptions. The Bulls were a complete after thought until Jordan, no one ever gave a rats about them until then. And the Bears were lousy throughout that time period as well, and obviously, the NFL wasn't what it is today.

You are spot on, very nicely done.

6.5/12 share. Peaking at 7.3/16 share in the 3rd. Amazing it was that high given the start time.

thanks IU. it's so great to hear you say the hawks were that big back then. i swear all this time, i kept thinking all these hockey fans in chicago have no idea what hockey is and that it's only popular now because of the hawks recent success.. but i had no idea that Chicago is no stranger to hockey, and that they used to be a big hockey town in the glory days. It's great to hear this. it's great to know that chicago appreciated the likes of Hull, Mikita, Savard, etc.. those great players didn't go to waste in a city that didn't care about hockey. you've made me realize for the 1st time that Chicago isn't a bandwagon town and not know anything about hockey, but that they were/are really a great hockey town too.

thanks for that post.

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