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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
I think many here would love to see Jones leave. His contract is up for renewal this off-season, but all reports have that he's sure to come back. He's Boughner's best buddy and best man at his wedding(or he was best man at Boughners). And then you have Matsos - just so happens that he's Boughner's brother in law, with Bob married to Matsos' sister.

Top it all off that Boughner owns about 80% of the team and bought the team for two reasons - as a retirement nest egg and to leapfrog up the coaching ranks with his designs on an NHL coaching gig.
Well he went up the coaching ranks because of the product that was on the ice... don't think there is much of a arguement there. Now that it's what it is IMO he doesn't look like the best coach or a coach that I would want behind a NHL team bench. If he continued his ways there players IMO would ignore him in a hurry. Look at the successful coaches in the NHL right now they're mild mannered, fun to be around but disciplined and don't really chew out players in the media unless it's really necessary.

That's just the way I see things right now with him... players aren't getting better and top picks are regressing. Players seems to be ignoring things. Retool work on some things and calm down behind the bench. Players feed off there coach and being animated and yelling constantly doesn't lead to success when you have a fragile group to begin with.

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