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08-04-2006, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by NWO View Post
I am a Flyers fan and they are not the most intimidating team by any means, not even clsoe. They have 1 guy on d(gauthier) who strikes some fear. That is it. They are not in cap trouble either. They have the money to sign Gagne then they will be a little under the cap. Primeau will most certainly retire before the season and that will free up over 3mm for down the line. Desjardin if he signs will be for below 1mm as well. The d will be a weakness. Just to enlighten some of you how dont watch the Flyers, Rathje was fine up until Jan when he tore the labrum in his hip. when healthy he and Pitkannen played very solid. After he was hurt he played terrible. The problem will be the 2nd pairing which will be Hatcher and probably Meyer thougth not ethced in stone. That would be a good 3rd pair. The 3rd paring is Gauthier and Baumgartner,not a problem. They have a an abundance of forwards and I see them trading someone out to acquire a top 4 dman. Forsberg will never be healthy. He may be back by opening night or a few weks later. Scoring shouldn't be a problem. The bottom 2 lines have improved over last year by deafult and losing Brashear,Stevenson, Savage. If the 2nd year players struggle, very possible, it put a damper on things. Goalie will sort itself out.

I liek NJ if they dont lose anyone of substance. Rangers have improved but like the Flyers their d doesn't impress me that much. Shanahan was a nice pickup as Cullen, thoguh not sold completely on him yet. Isle will surprise some butno play offs. Pens have improved their bottom lines but d is still a mess and fleury didn't impress me either. Thier top6 isn't that great as well as contruscted today
Ok whos your most itimidating team in the Atlantic? The Isles maybe? The Devils? not seeing it. Maybe no one is.
I mentioned Primeau possibly alleviating some cap problems, but is he really that close to retirement? I dont see him going away that easily,but i guess he would for the team if its that bad.
Goalie will sort itself out? Sorry, but I've heard that before from the Flyers.
I can see them making a move for D but it all hinges on Gagne and Primeau.
The Flyers will def. be in the mix for the division theres no doubt about that NWO...

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