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03-21-2013, 01:34 PM
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This board is crazy at times. So what some of you are suggesting is we should disrupt the first two lines to get CK ice time, is this what I am reading! This kid has proved nothing to this organization or to his teammates that he is a top six forward on this team.

He came in last year in a situation that any 20 year old in the world would love to fall into! Playing in the NHL playoffs is a dream for every plyer that gets drafted. He had his chance to prove himself at the beginning of the year and he did not do that!! This is how it works in the NHL. If you don't produce you go to the AHL and try ti figure some things out, and hope you get another shot. Ck is getting that shot tonight and hopefully he plays well enough to stay. If he does not play well while is is here guess what? They will send him down again. That's how it works!!

This team is going no where if Gabby and Richy don't get going! They played better in New Jersey on Tuesday night. There is no way CK is a top six forward on this team right now. He will have his opportunity prove himself over the next couple of weeks. After winning two straight, scoring a few goals, and finally having two lines going, you can not break that up. If CK wants to play with the top six forwards on this team he will have to earn that. Torts will not just give that to him!

CK is a long ways away from being a top six forward in this league, but he will be given another chance to prove he is tonight and I hope he plays well enough to stay this time because god knows we need some scoring from our third line!!!

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